Fianna Scholarship 2017

Jessica and Guy are off to Outward Bound

2017 St Patrick’s Day Golf Classic Charitable Trust Fianna Scholarship recipients

Jessica Martin and Guy Roberts from Glenfield College have been chosen as the North Harbour recipients of the 2017 St Patrick’s Day Golf Classic Charitable Trust Fianna Scholarships.

Since 1989, the founding year, the St Patrick’s Day Golf Classic Charitable Trust has applied funds raised at its annual golf tournament (St Patricks Day Charity Golf Classic) to benefit young people and quite often those in need. In 2003 the trustees announced the inception of its Fianna Scholarships. It was decided that each year it would provide scholarships which would enable two young people from the North Harbour region to undertake a three week Mind, Body and Soul course at Outward Bound at Anakiwa in the Marlborough Sounds. This course is well known to provide invaluable life skills which the trustees believed would contribute immensely to the personal growth of these youngsters.

The inaugural scholarship winners were announced in 2004. They were Courtney Miller of Westlake Girls High School and Paul Hellyer of Rosmini College. Every year since, two students – most often from the same North Harbour school – have received the scholarship and attended Outward Bound. In 2011, following the Christchurch earthquake, the Fianna Scholarships were awarded to four deserving students from that city.

“We ask the selected school to pick the winners, with our only criteria being that it is unlikely that family circumstances would enable the winners to easily afford the course fees and air fares to Anakiwa,” says St Patrick’s Day Golf Charitable Trust Trustee, James Greenway.

Channel Magazine’s Aidan Bennett – who is also a trustee of the St  Patrick’s Day Golf Classic Charitable Trust – put these questions to Jessica and Guy during November. They were scheduled to do the course in December. The added excitement for Jessica is she has never been on a plane before, so the trip from Auckland to Blenheim was also set to be exciting. They both see it as "such a privilege and honour to be chosen for this Scholarship” and they were excited for the amazing opportunity that has been provided for them.

AIDAN BENNETT: What do you know about Outward Bound?
It's an outdoor, activity team building course that’s made to push you out of your comfort zone, build self-confidence and grow relationships.
GUY ROBERTS: I know that they are an organisation that is internationally known for providing physical education and personally challenging individuals, helping to build the skills and confidence of young people to assist us with making the most of our final years at school, and to take the next step in life. I know they work with the St Patrick's Day Classic Charitable Trust and have combined to provide me with this wonderful opportunity I have been presented with this year.

AB: What are you looking forward to most about the course?
I look forward to stepping outside my comfort zone and being able to push myself. I'm excited to build new relationships and make life long friends.
GR: From past scholars who have undertaken this course, and from their feedback, I am most looking forward to the building of mental health the most. Although I've heard this experience will push me in many ways, I think establishing relationships and meeting new people will be the prime enjoyment of this course. Also, being quite physical I will also be prepared to tackle it head on as I very much love a challenge.

AB: What year are in at Glenfield College and what subjects are your best/favorite?
I am year 12 currently, but in the year 2018 I will be year 13. I enjoy maths, DVC and business.
GR: I am a year 12 at Glenfield College. My favourite subjects are biology, drama and academic physical education.

AB: What are your pastimes or interests?
I play hockey at school and enjoy baking.
GR: I am quite nerdy, stereotypically. So despite my active sports such as fencing, badminton, rock climbing, kayaking and archery, I am an active PE gamer and also a reader of medieval novels of non-fiction and fiction genres. I am also quite a researcher and I love learning and developing my understanding of classic history (Greek and Roman History) and overall digging deeper into theoretical ideas from scientists. (eg. the Gaia Hypothesis).

AB: What do you intend to do when you leave school?
I would like to attend Unitec  when I finish school and study interior design and possibly study business after that at Massey University.
GR: I intend to go to university and study science, biology/environmental sciences. My future career is that I want to become an ecologist: a biological scientist that specialises in the interaction and involvement of organisms and how they operate in their environments. This is because I've always been involved in aspects of sustainability and overall environmental care. As an active and driven member of the sustainability group for the past four years, I feel that combining my favorite subject (biology) with my other favoured things I enjoyed observing and nurturing (animals and plants).