Fianna Scholarship 2011

Trust selects Christchurch students for Outward Bound

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In a break from tradition, four Christchurch students were the recipients of the St Patricks Day Charity Classic 2011 Fianna Scholarships.
For 23 years the St Patrick’s Day Golf Classic Charitable Trust has used funds raised at their annual golf tournament (St Patricks Day Charity Classic) to help people in need who fall between the cracks in the welfare system. In 2004 the Trustees decided to do something for the young of the North Shore by sponsoring two Year 12 students to Outward Bound’s Mind Body & Soul Course each year. The program became known as the Fianna Scholarships.
Due to the massive upheaval caused by the earthquakes in Christchurch, this year the trustees decided that the Fianna Scholarships should go to young people from the Canterbury region.
The scholarships were awarded to Sam Rados and Jarad Anderson of St Bedes School as well as Lucy Johnson and Shannon Haughey of Marian College. The scholarships allow all four to take part in a 21 Day Mind Body and Soul Course at Outward Bound, Anakiwa. Sam and Lucy completed the course in July this year and Jarad and Shannon will do it in January.
“We asked Simon Lamb, the Chairman of the North Shore Secondary Schools Principals Association, to put us in touch with his contacts in Christchurch," explained St Patrick's Day Golf Charitable Trust Trustee, Gary Monk. "We left it to the principals down there to come up with worthy recipients and we are thrilled to have made a difference to the lives of Sam, Lucy, Jarad and Shannon. Their communities have done it pretty tough over the past 18 months."
Sam says thanks...
This is an excerpt from a letter that Sam Rados wrote to the St Patrick’s Day Golf Classic Charitable Trust when he returned from Outward Bound:-

Dear Trustees, I want to thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. It has been a hard course – I'll tell you that – but things I have learnt I can take away and put to good use in the 'real' world. I've learnt how hard I can push myself. I can now overcome any task I can put my mind to. I know I can make a difference. This course is full of values and teachings and I am really glad you gave me the chance to do it so that I can pass this stuff on to others. Everything I have learnt here has been valuable and useful. It has been awesome... You should know that it has been an experience and a half, maybe even more. – Sam Rados.

St Patrick’s Day Charity Classic

St Patrick’s Day Charity Classic is an annual golf tournament hosted by St Patrick’s Day Golf Classic Charitable Trust.
The Tournament is always held at the North Shore Golf Club in late February or early March, so it doesn't clash with the day of St Patrick! In this way the tournament does not conflict directly with the many events that surround St Patrick’s Day.

The 2012 tournament is being held on Friday 9 March 2012. Entries close Friday 27 January 2012.
The Trustees of the St Patrick’s Day Golf Classic Charitable Trust are Patrick Flynn, Gary Monk and Bob Nelligan.
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Presenting the Fianna Scholarship winners with their Outward Bound Packs for the 21 Day Mind, Body & Soul Course for July 2011 at at St Bedes School.

From left to right
Sam Rados, St Bedes School, Gary Monk (St Patrick's Day Golf Charitable Trust Trustee), Lucy Johnson, Marian College

From left to right
Justin Boyle, Principal St Bedes School, Sam Rados, Lucy Johnson, Frank Moran, Principal Marian College.