Fianna Scholarship 2008

Kirsten Wood, 2008 winner from Carmel College

Hi Mr Nelligan,
I am writing to say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to attend Outward Bound '09, I arrived back in Auckland on Saturday. I had an absolutely amazing three weeks that I will never forget. I pushed myself further than I ever thought I could go and did things I never thought I would. I met some amazing people that I will be friends with for life.
I would be only to happy to come and speak to your group or just write of some of my experiences, whichever suits you.
Thank You,
Kirsten Wood

Kirsten came to Outward Bound looking to push herself mentally and physically outside her comfort zone. She maintained a solid work ethic always working hard at each task and never questioning what she was being asked to do. Kirsten would always stay focused until she had completed tasks to a high standard.

Her caring and supportive nature was much admired by her peers. Kirsten responded positively to peer feedback, putting it into practice at the next available opportunity.

Kirsten was a well liked member of McKenzie Watch. She found it easy to form good relationships with her watch mates. Kirsten would actively listen to her peers’ ideas but has acknowledged that need to speak up and get her ideas across to her team members. Kirsten would always look to take the maximum learning from each new situation for herself as well as her peers.

When it came to being challenged Kirsten’s peers described her as someone with a huge heart. She showed great determination and commitment in successfully completing a two day solo by herself which she found extremely hard. Another one of her achievements was completing a six day tramping/sailing journey. She has given 100% effort to every part of her Outward Bound course often being the last one standing after very long days in the field. Even when environmental conditions were terrible, Kirsten still managed to keep a positive attitude.

Instructor Comments

Kirsten, it has been a pleasure to have you here at Anakiwa. You have shone brightly within McKenzie Watch, grasping every opportunity with open hands and making the most of them. You have grown so much here.
Remember to keep challenging yourself even if it means going finding a launch to jump off! We wish you all the best for the future.

“Tonight is like a big fight, imagine you’re a boxer, you’re going into a ring, but you’re going up against yourself. You just hope your better half wins.”

Te Ahikaaroa Maxwell-Topia

Te Ahikaaroa Maxwell-Topia with
SPDGC Trustee Gary Monk
Te Ahikaaroa Maxwell-Topia, a student at Hato Petera College Northcote, was the other winner of the 2009 Fianna Scholarship to Outward Bound where he successfully completed the 21 day Mind, Body Soul Course in July 2009.

According to an email we received on 27 August from Martene Mentis of Hato Petera College "Te Ahikaaroa had an absolutely fantastic, life-changing time at Outward
Bound.....Te Ahikaaroa is away this week, representing the school at the AUT Leadership Summit......Again, thank you so much for your generosity. I know it has made a huge impact on Te Ahikaaroa's life."